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Can’t You Just Make It All Up?

Sunday 10th November


Two local authors demonstrate their passion and appreciation for place and time, as they discuss their dual narrative novels.  What inspired them to step outside their comfort zones and write about diverse periods of time and locations around the world? Cathie Hartigan’s debut novel,  Secret of the Song is set both in modern-day Exeter and Renaissance Italy; while her new one, Notes from the Lost is set in modern-day Exeter and the Italian mountains during WW2. Elizabeth Ducie’s debut novel, Gorgito’s Ice Rink is set  in today’s Russia and Stalin’s USSR; while her series of Suzanne Jones thrillers ranges across Southern Africa, Russia and Ukraine, and Latin America. The pair discuss the very different types of research required for writing about the present and the past; and settings outside of their home country.  


Exeter Custom House


Cathie Hartigan

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