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Writing poems of remembrance, loss & celebration

Sunday 10th November


All of us will have childhood and adulthood memories of time spent out among the rest of the natural world. Perhaps we have, or had, a special spot, or tree, or animal; a favourite beach, wood, or river. Our memories of such places, or of the animals, birds and trees with which our lives are so intertwined, are a source of much joy.

Simultaneously, in our time, with forests disappearing, oceans polluted, birds and animals dying or even becoming extinct as a result of our human activities, it’s impossible for so many of us not to feel distress, grief and possibly anger, as well as hopelessness at what’s happening to our home planet.

In this workshop, we’ll explore poetry by others that highlights both aspects of our relationship with the other-than-human, and Roselle will facilitate the process of finding ways to write in order to do justice to our joy and our grief together.


Exeter Custom House


Roselle Angwin