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Social Media for Creatives

Social Media for Creatives

You’ve written the book. It’s been published. Now all you have to do is tell people about it. Promoting a book is one of the most difficult steps in the whole process, whether you are independently or traditionally published. And these days, social media platforms are a major part of the equation.

In this session, Gillian Taylor will show you how to make the most of your time on social media, create great content and learn how to reach key audiences. We’ll look at the highlights of some of the social media platforms and where best to focus your attention when you have a busy schedule and social media isn’t at the top of your list of priorities. You’ll discover some easy ways to create engaging content to help to raise your profile, and learn how to engage your audience more effectively. This session is designed for people who are already using social media and need some help and direction to get to the next stage. Anyone is welcome.

Gillian Taylor is a freelance PR and marketing consultant, working with arts and cultural organisations in SW England and nationally. She helps to raise profiles by telling compelling stories about the power of arts and culture. She gets stories in the news, publicises events and makes videos and creates a buzz online. Gillian’s clients include Exeter’s Royal Albert Memorial Museum, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts Health & Wellbeing, Somerset Art Works, Devon Open Studios and Powderham Castle.