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What Is Judge David Evans Reading?

What Is Judge David Evans Reading?

Today, in our series What Are You Reading, we ask South West judge David Evans what he’s reading now, his favourite books of all time, and the one that never gets away!

What are you reading at the moment? Why would our readers enjoy reading it?

At the moment I am reading The High House by Jessie Greengrass. It is a lyrically written novel, the main theme of which is the transformation wrought by climate change, and specifically its impact on a fictional location on the east coast of England where the three central characters find refuge and renewal in a repurposed old mill house. The local and character-specific focus renders the global theme extremely affecting.


The most memorable book you read in 2020; and why?

The most memorable book I have read so far this year is Caitlin Moran’s More Than A Woman. She is delightfully foul-mouthed and almost invariably wise; but most importantly, she made me laugh out loud, which is something words on the page rarely do for me (audiobooks do this better).


A book you return to and reread; and why?

The book I have revisited most often is Middlemarch, as it is so richly inhabited by ideas and characters.


Your favourite book of all time; and why?

My favourite book of all time is The Lord of the Rings – not because the writing is of any particularly exceptional quality but because it is associated in my mind with that magical moment in childhood when imagination and fantasy loom larger than all else, and before teenage self-consciousness complicates things.

David Evans
In my early 50s, married with children. I was brought up in London, where I started working as a lawyer. Fed up with spending a significant proportion of my waking hours commuting underground, I moved to Exeter to prosecute and defend in the far-flung courts of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. I am now one of Exeter Crown Courts’ criminal judges (though the one genre of literature that leaves me completely cold is detective fiction, as it is painfully unrealistic and never quite as fascinating as real life!)