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Writer’s Networking Day

At The Custom House • Friday 5th November • 11.30AM – 5PM


A writer is a person for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.’ – Thomas Mann.


Whether you’re an established writer or a complete novice, writing can be a lonely business. However, a problem shared can be a problem halved, and someone else’s knowledge and success can spur you on to achieve your own. In this informal event, which includes workshops, readings, book sales and competitions, local writers of varying genres and experience levels will come together to discuss all things writerly and share their highs and lows.

If you’re new to the area or to writing, you needn’t be afraid. Our local writers are a warm and friendly bunch and will welcome you into the fold!

Elizabeth Ducie: The Route To Indie Publishing

Deciding to write a book for publication is a big decision. Deciding to go it alone is an even bigger one. But there are many more choices to be taken on the journey towards indie publishing. Which formats should I publish? Do I go with Amazon exclusively; or publish wide? How will I source my paperbacks? In this opening session, Elizabeth Ducie walks you through a decision tree, considering the pros and cons of all the options. Whether you are at the start of your publishing journey or some way along the road, there’s something in here for all indie publishers, or writers considering taking that route.


Elizabeth Ducie is a member of Exeter Writers and a prize-winning author with an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Exeter and a Masters in Business Administration. She has been publishing her work, and occasionally that of others, for the past decade. She has four novels, and three collections of short stories to her name; in 2015, her first novel, Gorgito’s Ice Rink, was runner-up in the Self-Published Book of the Year awards. She is the author of a series of books teaching writers the tools and techniques of running their own writing businesses. The second edition of The Business of Writing Part 4: Independent Publishing came out in 2021.

Networking Hosted by Exeter Writers

A return of the highly popular networking event, hosted by Exeter Writers. A chance to meet writers from across the region, and hear about the various networks and writing communities available to you. There will be two competitions running during the day: one for flash fiction; and the other for the first page of a novel. (Details can be found here.) Plus readings and the chance to promote your work. Light refreshments will be available, but feel free to bring your own packed lunch.

Cathie Hartigan and Margaret James: Preparing your Submission

Cathie Hartigan and Margaret James are teachers of creative writing who between them have over thirty years of teaching experience in all genres. They have also been readers and judges for a considerable number of literary prizes and have read many thousands of submissions. Yes, they insist, how you submit your work really does matter.


In this session they will share their hints and tips for giving your work the best possible chance of success. Ask them anything about writing and how to prepare your submission, and they’ll do their best to help you.


Cathie is the founder and director of Creative Writing Matters. She is also a novelist whose work has been shortlisted for several international prizes, and is the co-author (with Margaret James) of The Creative Writing Student’s Handbook, together with two more writing guides.


Margaret has been a regular columnist on Writing Magazine, the UK’s bestselling title for authors, for over twenty years. She has written sixteen commercially published novels and many short stories.